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A Raeliánus Mozgalom

Szemináriumok: Európa


Dátumok és helyszínek

From July 30th, 9:00 am to August 5th, 10:30pm
In Tuscany, Italy

The 2018, year 73 aH. European Happiness Academy will take place in a four star hotel that extends for over a hundred hectares in the heart of Maremma, Tuscany in Italy, and only 10 minutes by car from the beach.

The “Fattoria la Principina Wellness Park Hotel” is in Grosseto, a beautiful destination in Tuscany, a true oasis of relaxation, offering harmony and sport activities, including internal and external pools, gyms, saunas, spas, and also soccer, tennis, volleyball, and basketball. It is a jewel of harmony and pleasure !

Raelian gathering, open to all on August 6th :

On Monday 6th august the ceremony of the Transmission of the Cellular Plan will take place at 3 o’clock, during one of the 4 annual celebrations. This is sometimes known as the Raelian Baptism, it is open to the public and you are welcome to attend if you wish, at the end of the Happiness Academy

It's an opportunity for those who have freely chosen to apostatise from any previous religion, to officially and consciously acknowledge the Elohim as their Creators by publicly expressing their choice, and consequently be recognized by Them.
The Cellular Plan Transmission is only for adults who have consciously and freely decided to recognise the Elohim.

How to register:

Please register online. Please read the following information first.

1st step : Registering with EDEN

The Happiness Academy is organized by EDEN Association* .

Deadline for registering with EDEN: July 28th 2018 (discount will be granted provided payment has been made before the June 10th midnight deadline)

Registration will be valid only once payment has been received. Only then will you receive an automated confirmation email.

2nd step : Booking your accommodation with the hotel

You can only book your accommodation via the hotel website (once you have registered with EDEN),

Only one reservation per accommodation (whether a room or an apartment) whatever the number of persons.

Please register before June 27th 2018, midnight deadline .
After this date your reservation will not be guaranteed by the hotel.

For your reservation to be valid you have to pay a 50% deposit of the total amount before May 30th 2018 and the total sum by June 27th.

If you want more information as to how to book with the hotel, see the “accommodation” link.

Upon your arrival :

The EDEN organization team and the hotel staff look forward to welcoming you after your long journey. They will help you check into your hotel room and then steer you to the EDEN reception desk open exclusively on Sunday the 29th July from 2.00 to 6.30pm. There you will be able to meet, over a few refreshments, with the welcome team who will then help you register with EDEN association and pick up your academy documents and program and most importantly of all your EDEN badge which will allow you access to the whole academy including the morning teachings, the afternoon activities and the evenings events .

Without this badge you will be unable to attend the Happiness Academy.

For further information please email : europe-ha(at)rael.org

EDEN is a Swiss association whose purpose is to organise Raelian Movement events in Europe.